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ryuudan's Journal

Naruto Icontest
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Community Introduction:
Welcome to ryuudan, a Naruto icontest. This community's challenges will be handled in the same fashion as bleach_icontest's where every week you'll be given an image theme, lyrical theme and a word theme and you must make an icon based on at least one of the themes provided. Credit goes to mdoogie for the theme format.

Submission Times:
Friday 10pm CST through Friday 12 midnight CST

Voting Times:
Friday 12 midnight through Sunday 9pm CST

Results Post:
Sundays 10pm CST

New Theme Post:
Fridays 10pm CST

General Community Rules:

  1. All icons submitted must be made new for the current week's contest. Anyone found submitting old icons will be banned without warning.
  2. Do not submit someone else's icon.
  3. No icon should be posted anywhere before that week's contest is over (after results are posted). Do not share your icon submissison with friends and do not ask people to vote for you.
  4. Livejournal user pics are not an acceptable form of image hosting. Use imageshack.us or tinypic.com if you need someplace to host your icons. You don't even need an account at either place to use the hosting.
  5. Do not vote for your own icon.
  6. Do not use fanart or doujins - know where your images are coming from.
  7. You may submit up to 2 icons per challenge.
  8. You must be a member of the community to compete.

Voting will be done with a first, second and third place as well as a special category - chosen by the mod's discretion.

This community does not have banner makers nor does it offer banners for winning icons. However, we fully support custom_banners and encourage people who collect banners to head over there if they want one.

Your mods are chibikame & angel_drake. Questions may be addressed to either of us by simply replying to a post in the community. Please, give us time to respond. We will be as fast as possible but life does take over at times. ^_^